She was born Mary Elizabeth Cheney. She was known by family and friends as Bess. When she was married to our father she was Bess Barrows. After divorcing from our father, Bess married Anthony Terpiloff. She legally changed her name sometime after Tony's death to Bess Barrows.

Elizabeth Terpiloff Barrows wrote scripts with Anthony Terpiloff as well as her known screenplays and her credits include:

Space: 1999 (1975-6) TV Series
DEATH'S OTHER DOMINION (with Anthony Terpiloff)
THE INFERNAL MACHINE (with Anthony Terpiloff)

Gone to Earth
Pilot Outline for a Science Fiction Series
(available upon request)

The Boy Who Loved the Earth
Cosmic Roadshow
a screenplay (available upon request)

Three Goodbyes
(available upon request)

Ghostwater (1992)
an original screenplay
(with Robert Guy Barrows)
(available upon request)

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