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The Avengers TV Series (1961 - '69)
Man in the Mirror
Season 2, Episode 22
Aired February 24, 1963
(written with Geoffrey Orme)


While snapping photographs at an amusement park, Steed's erstwhile associate Venus Smith (Julie Stevens) photographs a British cypher expert. Unfortunately, the man is a traitor, and with the help of his wife, he has previously faked his own suicide. In order to cover his tracks, the traitor must murder Venus -- but not if Steed has anything to say about it. Written by Geoffrey Orme, "Man in the Mirror" debuted on British TV on February 23, 1963; it was first seen in America on February 26, 1991. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

The Avengers TV Series (1961 - '69)
The Sell Out
Season 2, Episode 9
Aired November 24, 1962
(written with Brandon Brady)


Several United Nations delegates have been murdered just before partaking in a round of top-secret mideast negotiations, leading Steed to conclude that there's a traitor in the ranks of his own organization. To prove his thesis, he poses as the UN delegate whom he has been assigned to protect. Meanwhile, Dr. King works behind the scenes to make certain that nothing goes wrong -- but the villains may already be a few steps ahead of him. Written by Anthony Terpiloff and Brandon Brady, "The Sell-Out" first aired in England on November 24, 1962; it was not seen in America until February 6, 1991. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Alfred Hitchcock Hours

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (1962 - 1965)
"The Monkey's Paw - A Retelling"
Season Three, Episode 26
First Aired Apr 19, 1965


I recall the couple's son (Lee Majors) was a race car driver and was to race one evening. The couple had made their first wish for money (who wouldn't). Soon after, the father was called to the race track after word of their son's involvement in a car crash. The father came home with sad eyes to tell the mother that their son had been killed in the accident at the track. The mother began to weep, but then excitement came to her face as she exclaimed, "I can wish him back to life"!!! She then grasped the monkey's paw and wished for her son to be brought back from the dead. At that moment, the door bell rang and the mother (believing it to be her son) ran for the door. Before the woman had a chance to open it, the father quickly wished for his son to be sent back to the grave. The woman opened the door only to find her son's bloodied scarf he had received from her for good luck on the door step. The father told his distraught wife he wished their son back to the grave because he had seen his body after death, and did not want her to see what was left of him come back to life. In all of the Hitchcock series, this was perhaps the creepiest and darkest of all. Eeeeech!

Full Episode Monkey's Paw
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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (1962 -1965)
Completely Foolproof
Season 3, Episode 23
First Aired March 29, 1965


Joe Brisson tries to make a political payoff to Baines in a parking lot, but spots an observer, private detective Foyle. Foyle says he was hired by Joe's wife Lisa. Joe visits his girlfriend Anna, and discovers a bug in her telephone, and that their love letters were seized. Lisa wants a divorce, but also wants a disproportionate settlement, including 75% of the Brisson Land Development Company. Lisa's young boyfriend, racetrack gambler Bobby Davenport, will lose his inherited property if Joe calls in Bobby's debt. Joe couldn't hire Foyle to murder his wife, but he convinces Bobby to do it while Joe is on a sea cruise to London. Joe calls Lisa from the ship, and listens as Bobby plugs her. Then Joe has a guest. It is Foyle, whom Lisa paid to murder Joe.

Full Episode Competely Foolproof
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The New People (TV series 1969 - 70)
The Prisoner of Bomano
Season 1, Episode 14
First aired December 29,1969
(writer credit and story credit)

The Protectors

The Protectors (TV series 1972 - 74)
Border Line
Season 2, Episode 13
Aired December 14,1973
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The team help a Hungarian actress to smuggle her deceased father's body back to her country


Ironside (1967) TV Series
aka The Raymond Burr Show (1967)
Something for Nothing
Season 1, Episode 22

Ironside wants a singer to testify in court against the influential crime lord who forced him to participate in a bank robbery as payment for gambling debts.

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Space: 1999 (1975-6) TV Series
Season 1, Episode 14
First Aired January 23, 1976

Representatives from a dying planet ( alien pacifists) land on the moon. Their space craft has been programmed to take them to Earth. They are greeted as friends by all- except Commisioner Simmons who sees their vessel as way to return home. Is this an opportunity for key Moonbase personnel to return to Earth? Commander Koenig is faced with unexpected drama.

Space: 1999 (1975-6) TV Series
Season 1, Episode 13
First aired October 31, 1975

Who is Arra? She is old - older than Earth itself - with a beauty that only age can bring. Commander Koenig's encounter with her is also an encounter with destiny. It all happens when the Moon is on a collision course with a planet many times its size. After destroying an asteroid on a collision course with the moon, an even larger obstacle appears - an entire planet! On a recon mission, John Koenig encounters an inhabitant who convinces him- on the basis of faith- that the moon and the planet must collide. But no one else supports Koenig's stand.

Space: 1999 (1975-6) TV Series
Season 1, Episode 5
First Aired November 14, 1975
(written with Elizabeth Barrows)

On the ice world of Ultima Thule the Alphans encounter members of lost earth expedition who have achieved immortality- but at a price! Commander Koenig and his colleagues speed through space and time into a chilling world of ice - and meet former inhabitants of earth.

Space: 1999 (1975-6) TV Series
(with Elizabeth Barrows)
Season 1, Episode 17
First aired February 13, 1976

Machine or man? Alpha encounters one of the strangest mysteries of the universe - a living machine. The Alphans encounter Delmer Plebus Powells Gwent, a huge spacecraft that defies aerodynamics and is an extension of Gwent's genius and ego.

Space: 1999 (1975-6) TV Series
Catacombs of the Moon (1977)
Season 2 Episode 13
First Aired November 26, 1976

Terror in Outer Space confronts the breakaway moon personnel when on a collision course with an all-devouring "black sun." ntent

Journey Through the Black Sun (1976)
(TV Movie)
This TV movie was edited from scenes of the two episodes "Collision Course" and "The Black Sun" of the TV series Space: 1999 (1975).

Earth's Moon has been ripped from its orbit by a massive nuclear explosion and cast adrift in unknown space. The more than 300 surviving personnel of Moonbase Alpha find that the drifting Moon on which they are situated has become locked on a collision course with the giant planet Astheria and then is pulled into the center of a black hole in space. The intervention of a higher power saves the Alphans from destruction in both instances.

Return of the Saint

Return of the Saint (1978) TV Series
aka "The Son of the Saint" (1978)
The Arrangement
Season 1, Episode 9
First aired November 5, 1978

When Greer Stevens suggests to Sheila Northcott that each woman kills the other's husband, Sheila does not take her seriously until her own spouse is killed by Greer, who then tries to coerce her into keeping her side of the 'deal'. Sheila turns to the Saint for helpent

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